Poseida looked out the window of her beach house. She was greeted by the rising sun and the warm summer breeze. It was such a beautiful morning, a perfect morning for going into Ponyville. She put on a beautiful blue dress with waves printed on it (that Rarity had made for her), and set off into Ponyville.

The streets of Ponyville sparkled in the morning sunlight. Barely anybody was around. Poseida felt sorry for all those ponies who were asleep and missing this beautiful scenary.

Suddenly, a strong scent filled the air. Poseida identified it immediatly.


Poseida began to run towards the Sugarcube Corner. One of the benefits of being an early bird was definetly being able to get the your hoofs on the first batch of muffins before anybody else.

Poseida bursted through the door just as Pinkie Pie placed a tray of muffins down on the counter. Without even thinking, Poseida slapped some money onto the counter and stuffed her face with as many muffins as she could get her hoofs on. Pinkie Pie just laughed, put the money in the cash register and helped herself to a face full of muffins as well.

An hour later, Poseida left the Sugarcube Corner, her stomach stuffed, her mind wandering. She had no idea what to do that day. But someone else was about to decide for her, as Applejack began to run towards her, her face lit up with excitement.

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